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Coding Resources for Kids

I recently asked Twitter at what age their children started to code. Along with everyone’s input, I was lucky enough to also receive some age-appropriate resources for helping Silas learn how to code. Overall, most parents who participated had their kids start to code around 5/6 years old. Some started as young as 2/3, some as old as 13 year old. Surprisingly, the most popular language kids were learning was Python. #TeamPython Here’s a list of the resources recommended: Babies  ...

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How to Find a Daycare in Southeast Asia

If you’re a (single) parent and working while traveling, you’re probably going to need some help with your kid(s). I’ve used daycare centers in Bali, Ho Chi Minh City, and Kuala Lumpur and it’s been a great experience. Here’s my process for finding and selecting a daycare center, in addition to a list of daycares I’ve enjoyed using. Join Facebook Groups and Use the Search Feature You can usually find a parent Facebook group by searching “parents in  ...

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